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Discover what it means to be part of the Genesis Acquisitions family. What drives the projects we do for our clients and the values that unify our team.

If you are looking for a meaningful job change that will drive you to the next level, pushing you to places you've only imagined. You're tired of job exhaustion and want to find an organization that is genuinely eager to hear your opinions and contributions, that feels like home, and by home, we mean a space filled with loyal and caring people. If you're ready to dive in fully to collaborate and solve new challenges, you can play a part in transforming our company and our industry.

The following are some of the perks of working with us:


As a recruit at Genesis Acquisitions, one will experience the required training program to polish their skill sets. Our training allows associates to experience working in similar situations to those they'll face daily. Team members will use the same tools they need for their job while being guided by a professional mentor. Overall, this training will also give the individual a greater understanding of their duties in the company.


One can use knowledge and skills to get a role, but it is only through superior support that one can succeed in their position. This is why we have established mentorship programs where our seasoned employees are paired with newer ones to give them the full benefit of their experience. Regular communications and meetings allow you to learn from your superiors, offer valuable feedback, and feel valued.


At Genesis Acquisitions, we don't believe in competing with one another; instead, through teamwork, we lead in the same direction and celebrate every victory. Moreover, working together and succeeding as a team helps us form bonds that can turn into trust and camaraderie. It's a human tendency. And it's great for our firm, too, since associates who like and trust each other are more likely to help and motivate each other.

Travel Perks

We also offer exciting opportunities for our associates to pack their bags and travel. Once on board, you are allowed to engage in various leadership conferences and regional cross-trainings with all costs paid by us. Going to a place with a different culture can help our associates develop new ideas, see things from a unique viewpoint, and ultimately become better thinkers and employees. Our travel perks are one of the team's most loved and appreciated parts of our culture.


You won't be stuck in a dull cubicle here. At Genesis Acquisitions, we will be a part of numerous networking events. These events will empower you to meet and interact with influential and inspiring people. This contact and interaction will help you build your confidence and your profile. Going on such outings is enough for most people to feel better about their positions, leading to improved employee retention and higher productivity rates.

To be a part of our team, please send us your resumé along with a cover letter to HR@GENESISACQUISITIONS.CA

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